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Will be used for staking rewards, check our website for token allocation breakdown.

No absolutely not. KimchiSwap has no affiliate with Kimchi.Finance what-so-ever!

Simply use one of the web3 wallets mentioned on our main page or one that you hold your private keys for (not an exchange ETH wallet) For the first month we will airdrop KSWAP tokens at the end of of October. Wallet KSWAP holding snapshots will be taken on the 15th of each month. Our own branded staking wallet will be launched within a few weeks.

Users that stake KSWAP tokens enjoy the benefit of 4% APY. Additional benefits to KSWAP stakers/HODLers include a share of the 0.4% transaction fee that KimchiSwap charges, and that fee is in-line with other swap protocol’s fees. Liquidation providers also receive a share of the fees.


Please use a pc or laptop with metamask and visit our website.

100 Million


KimchiSwap is a fully decentralized protocol built on the Ethereum network for swapping, providing liquidity, creating markets and staking and will feature layer 2 scaling.

All wallets that give you control of your private keys. We can recommend: Metamask, Trust Wallet, MyCrypto, MEW.